Thursday, November 10, 2016

New roof!

Another BIG project. 
This time... Just wrote a check. 
A big. fat. check. But... It was so nice to just do that! 

Background. The house was thrown together in 1980. 
We knew we had some projects and a new roof was in the plans when we bought it.
Well... Last year the bathroom skylight started leaking. We patched it up and it held out until a month ago, just as the rainy season started.. Boo. Within the past year, things fell into place for us to be able to finance the much needed major repairs to the house. (The siding is coming up next year).
Needless to say...I have some cosmetic repair to do in the bathroom.

Anyways, I spent a few months looking for a roofer. We decided on a metal roof and a company called Coast Exteriors. The company had a spotless record, glowing reviews and great guarantees. A bonus was that they also could do the gutters! The estimate was in budget and reasonable. The crew were professional and kind. I even noticed that they had some music playing when I got home. It wasn't loud at all and... they actually turned it off shortly after I arrived. I can't say enough about these guys. They got our small roof done in one day. 

It looks GREAT!

We chose the charcoal color for neutrality. But I am so pleased with the fact that is is neutral in color but surprised that it seems to catch the colors of the sky. Just look how great it looks in the bottom photo taken during a beautiful orange and pink sunset!

I was hoping to be able to hear the rain on a classic metal roof sound but... I can't. Because the roof is insulated. Yay. Hopefully, we will see better climate control in the summer. Oh yeah... it comes with a ridge vent. We also have 2 extra downspouts on the east side. Our old gutters were a joke that had only 2 downspouts and were installed with wrong angles and poured over in the rain and collected water in the far ends. Sigh. No longer. Yay!

Time will tell the rest of the story but for now, I'm very pleased!

The photos show a detail of the gutters and standing seam.
Front and back elevations with before (taken in the morning) and after in the morning and evening.