I wasn't gonna add a critters page until the hens came along. But, the critters that are already here and the ones we encounter along the way deserve a shout out too.

 The critters in our back Yard...

Bald Eagle

Red Shafted Northern Flicker

pine siskin

Barn Owls

Dont' get your panties in a wad - it was tearing up my food garden. They have 5 acres of woodland to be free and safe! Besides, we recycled it back to the earth.


Pacific Tree Frog makes her residence on our back deck.

this banana slug is 6" long
Possibly a Thamnophis ordinoides 
Northwestern garder snake

little shrew - in my hand 

the twins showed one morning up
a few feet from the back porch

rufous humming birds


UPDATE: Previously thought to be Black-headed grosbeaks, this young family has been positively re-identified as White-crowned Sparrows.  Living in the Rhododendron on the corner of the driveway.

chicks just hatched!

 chicks 6 days old.

One of the White-crowned Sparrow siblings 10days old.


Red-ear Slider Turtle
On a side note ... 
These are critters that my hubby "captured" on his walk on the trail from River Legacy Park to Grand Prairie, in Arlington, Texas in May 2011.


Bobcat and "lunch"