I think the deer should get a page too...
Here you can find all the deer photos, videos and stories. 

In order chronologically. Scroll down for the latest.

"Apples" Dec 2 2011
 There are several "families" that visit. 

The Mama with a single Spring 2011
Here is our 2011 year deer. 

December 2011. I think this is the baby of the Mom with single. He follows around his mom without a twin. They are both wary of me. They don't run but don't approach either.

2012 Deer

March 19, 2012
Here is "Apples" come for a visit. He and his family were at the neighboring property when my daughter went out to  "play with the chickens.
The deer heard us out there and came running - literally! They ran up from the back of the property.
The Mom and sister are not as trusting and stayed their distance, going into the meadow in the back. "Apples" was too curious and hungry for apples to stay away. Here is a no-sound video of the interaction of the kids (my kid, the deer kid and the chicken kids). So Cute.

You notice at the end of the video when Apples licks his lips before getting the piece the chickens missed. :-)

Beautiful 3 point Buck Napping under the apple tree. November 16 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2013 Deer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2014 Deer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This poor baby showed up without a mama. Malnourished, scared up and with diarrhea.
We threw out apples for it and watched it get better and fetter over the next few months.
As of the fall of 2014, I do not know what happened to it. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2015 Deer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since fall of last year, we have had a cute little fawn visit us (with his momma keeping distance).
He seems unaffected by us working and making noise.
I am the only one he comes and eats from.
I call him Nick becasue he has a nick on his right and 2 nicks on his left ears.