Gardening is a passion of mine. I love plants!
Here is where this former "black thumb" posts links to my gardening adventures in the Pacific North-West.

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2016 May
2014 in Review

Road screen

gardenupdate 25 july 2012

Spring is Finally here 2012

huckleberry harvest recipes

garden spring 2012

Devils Club

Fresh Start

Deer Fence
Blackberry Pie

New Garden Plot

Triangle Entry Garden

Apple Time!

Orchard "Field"
Getting "There"

Gardening Archaeology - 
The Arbor and Basketball Court Project

About Me as a gardener:
I was a "black thumb" gardener all my life. I loved to look at plants but whenever I tried to bring one home or grow one, it sadly perished. When I finally owned my own home and had a toddler, my passion was spurred on by the desire to grow fresh foods for my family and to have a beautiful landscape. Frustrated, I began self-education that took me around in confusing circles with conflicting information. I met the Tarrant County Master Gardeners at a booth at May Fest in Fort Worth, TX and so began my education and volunteer work with them for 4 years. My passion was Herbs and Vegetables in an urban landscape. I also enjoy the wonder of native plants and recently focused on trees in the urban landscape. I love empowering people with knowledge about gardening and finally seeing plants thrive under my hand!
It was a "culture shock" for me when I moved to the western slopes of the Cascades in the shadow of Mt Rainier.  From a "city slicker" in the suburbs and an apartment to a "country girl" on 6 acres. And from the dry, hot, alkaline limestone soil to the temperate, moist, acidic conifer forest - the USDA zone may be the same but, the climate is very different. 
I look forward to the perfect summer weather, the challenging winters ahead, and the new things to be learned.
I hope you enjoy reading about my gardening adventures as much as I enjoy doing them.

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  1. Looks like your mystery plant is Devils Club. You can make a bark tea for a pain killer. The thorns are nasty and best to let them pus up before squeezing them out.


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