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Hen House

- Till the 1st batch of babies come. 
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8 wks old

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14 weeks


This was shot at about her 5th egg around the end of February 2012.
By then she was "an old pro".

March 8, 2011
A day of "helping" me garden and playing in the yard.

The high pitched squeaking ("bpt bpt bpt") means something like...
 "Hey mama. Do you have any treats for me? Please give me treats."

Chickens are unreliable garden helpers.

Resting after "helping" in the garden.



2nd Batch of birds

Chronicles Red's "motherhood" and the babies growing into adulthood with Nutmeg and Red.

3 weeks

5 weeks old

4 months old

1st eggs
 happy chickies 10 months old
10 months old chikies

One Year Old and hanging out with "mama" Red Hen.