Monday, March 25, 2013

Hummingbirds in Our Backyard

This post is a place for the Tiny-est birds in our backyard. The Hummers.

There are 2 primary Hummers here in the foothills of the West Cascades.


Primarily a year-round native in the Puget Sound area.
Rarely comes this close to the mountain but we had a female and male visitor in February 2013


These come through on the spring through summer for breeding.
Typically Arrive here in late March / early April.


Sorry for the spelling... Rufous - I left out the "o" in the photos.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vases for Eggshells

I save my eggshells for my hens as a calcium supplement as well as use them in the garden as a well-needed supplement to prevent blossom end rot in a variety of produce.
 I also save used coffee grounds for the garden.

The trouble is a way of storing them temporarily after drying without having to trek out to the garden every day. Especially in the winter cold rain. Blah! The old ways have evolved.
I got tired of seeing the plastic canisters on the windowsill.

I had a few vases hanging around and don't have any fresh flowers to use them for right now and it hit me to use them for the eggshells and coffee. I have also seen these at every Goodwill store ever in case you want to buy one. Or you can order yourself some flowers :-).

The tag is made from cheap plastic mini-blind extras (when you have to cut the extra length to fit) and some scrapbook letters.

Like this better - kinda a country cottage look for eggshells and used coffee storage on the cheap and green.
Make sure your used grinds are completely dry or they will get moldy.
The crushed eggshells look like colorful confetti until I put them through the processor and out in the garden or coop.

Tags tied on with raffia.

Would love to see how you store your eggshells and coffee.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is here! ...almost

This past Sunday, I heard a "yank yank" bird.

on deck to survive deer

Well, actually a red breasted nuthatch. But this tiny little tiny bird makes a HUGE "YANK. YANK. YANK." noise, thus the nick-name. When I hear them - it it spring.
AND... the frogs are back to croaking at night.

that means Spring is here!!!

How about an update.

Started a little on the Japanese garden with shaping and pruning the Dogwood and Cherry.

look what was hiding under the leaves

Re-designed the garden. AGAIN.
I went with 3 4foot rows and a 1x8 bean row.
Moved the hoop plastic from the chard and broccoli starts because they can take a light occasional frost.
Transferred the hoops to what will be the tomato row 'cause they can't.

Survived the winter!

Worked a little on expanding the chicken run - keeping our fingers crossed for some broody hen this year so she can set on some fertile (hopefully) eggs from 2 neighbors.

Deer fence Still holding up.