Monday, August 22, 2011

Apple Time!

Sabrina decided to grab a branch from the apple tree so she could pull it down and grab a snack and about a dozen came down in the process.

I guess it's harvest time.
20lbs today.

Can you help identify the 2 varieties?

Variety #1 are green, slightly sweet, moderate firmness, moderate skin, verry slight tartness, about 2"-3" diameter, bruise easily.


Variety #2 are small, green with red on the sun-side, tart and dry, 1"-2" diameter 


  1. Update : The big drop was known as a "June Drop" (highly technical term ;-). Usually in the PNW it is from the lack of rain in the summer or other stresses to the tree like disease or too much fruit (not being thinned). Later in the season variety #1 turned out to look like a golden delicious. It had tender flesh adn was sweet with a subtle tartness. Seemed much like a fresh eating apple. Variety #2 got a little bigger but looked the same. Mostly green with red blushing on the sun side. Very hard and tart with trace sweetness like a cider apple.

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