Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Behr Program

I will paint eventually. My first project will probably be the Hen House. Mt daughter and I killed some time at the Home Depot paint section, dreaming of what colors we will paint the coop. 

We picked up some Behr color samples and went to the website when we got home. 
They have a really cool on-line paint tool. Called Color Smart.
I am lacking in design talent. This program is so helpful.

You can pick a color (either accent or main) and it will give you several options for coordinating palates. You can even upload a photo and paint it! You can even change the color after you are done painting. Not just the color but, the hue and brightness. It is so COOL. If you have a painting project coming up - Check it out! The downside is, if the photo is not clear or the existing paint is peeled, it will be difficult to use due to the variation and lack of definition (like on the chicken coop - it was too difficult to use in the program so I gave up and did the shed).

Here is my experiment on the Butterfly shed. 

after on Behr's paint program

I was inspired years ago when my neighbor put up a cute yellow and white shed in the backyard. I thought all it needed was blue clematis on a trellis.

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