Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seafair 2011

The Seafair.

We were told that it was not to miss by locals.
Friday we decided to go (opening day) because it was free admission.
Although admission was free, it cost the 3 of us $25 just to get there via mass transit and parking (that included a the coupon for parking).
We went at 1pm and decided to stay till we got tired of it.
Seafair is located on lake Washington and is apparently is an annual "big thing" here in the Seattle area.

We arrived to the typical sights and smells of an outdoor festival. Vendors and organizations of all types promoting or selling one thing or the other.
On the way to the lake-front, we saw a small plane doing stunts. That was pretty impressive what the pilot could do with the plane.
US Navy "Blue Angels"

We proceeded through and finally found a seat on the 45 degree slope next to the lake so we could see the "Blue Angels" do a practice run. I have seen the "Blue Angels" more times than I can remember, so it was not new for me. My hubby enjoyed them. Daughter got bored and sleepy.

Then, I decided to walk around and see the rest of the festival while hubby and daughter bought a pass to go see the race-boats at the docks.
I finished walking the fair in about 10 minutes and went into the beer garden to enjoy a drink while I waited for the rest of the family to see the boats. It apparently didn't take them long either because as I sat down on the lawn with a $7 JD & Lemonade (generous on the JD - Thanks ladies!) My hubby called and said they were done.  They walked the fair while I stayed in the garden to enjoy the live band and finish my drink. Apparently here in Washington (don't know if it is a state or local thing) you can not leave the "21 and over" section, (which is double fenced and complete with bouncers) with a beverage. Not that I was complaining. Great excuse to sit on fire-ant-free grass in perfect 70's temperatures, listen to good music and enjoy a well-mixed drink!

That was the highlight of the fair for me. Other than the 30 minutes on the lawn of the beer garden, it was a waste of time for me. I found the Seafair to be small, uneventful, and over-priced. Well, been there - won't do it again.
I am glad it was free admission day!

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