Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Guys July 21, 2011

Just now getting around to posting about the car show we went to in July.
(All photos compliments of the Hubby. Good shooting!)
The annual Good Guys Car show in Puyallup. WA.

 We bought tickets at the gate and they advertised a weekend pass. After going through (maybe) half of the show, we understand why the weekend pass is necessary. This show is HUGE! Oh... did I mention HUGE show? Yeah... if you love classic cars - this could be your "Mecca".
My daughter and I gave up after about 2 hours and went to the library and walked around downtown. BTW. Old downtown Puyallup is cute and has lots of cute shops! Even a non-shopper like myself, was enjoying herself.

My hubby braved 4 hours before he got dehydrated and was forced to quit.

Here is a teeny tiny sample of what is there. (Dad, if you plan on commin' up next year, plan around this show. Mom and "the girls" can go shoppin' while you enjoy the show. ;-)

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