Monday, August 22, 2011

Around the Mountain

 Saturday, we decided to take the day off and go for a drive around the mountain. 

Penstemon serrulatus


We started out heading east on 410 and entered Mt Rainier National park via White River Entrance to Sunrise.


Sunrise was full and we were turned away and headed to Tipsoo Lake instead.


 ?  Spiraea densiflora  ?
  ? Ranunculus suksdorfii  ?

Erythronium montanum

?   Polemonium californicum   ?
Erigeron peregrinus  ?

Lupinus arcticus  ?

view of Mt Rainier from Tipsoo Lake

It seems as if spring has just begun here at this sub-alpine lake in Late August.

 We then drove through Chinook Pass 30 minutes east on 410 to grab lunch. 

Drove back and went south through Cayuse Pass through the Stevens Canyon Entrance. There are a few tunnels along the route.

I think this was Double Peak


Spiraea densiflora at Stevens Creek

 Stevens Creek washes away trees taken down by the weather of the Mountain.

My Artsy photo of Mt. Rainier
 Refection Lakes


Ahh-Ha! There is the reflection in Reflection Lakes.

Gray Jay foraging among the cars at Mt Rainier
 Till Next Time.    


  1. Great pics!! You need a big kid camera lady!!

  2. 4 real! that would be so cool to have a toy on our hikes. especially a good micro lens and to be able to focus on whatever distance I want. ah... someday...


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