Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Spring 2012

Have not garden updated in a while so... here is one.

Finished up the foundation garden. Ripped out the tree stumps. Removed and re-located the calla lilies to the rock wall. Re-located about 100 gallons of extra dirt. Raided Home Depot  for clearance plants and mulched with compost pile from last summer.

Repaired the garden rock wall, installed stairs, and plated Blueberry Hill.

Made a strawberry bed and got the little guys in the ground.

Started seeds. Slugs feasted. Started seeds to transplant and slugs feasted. Planted transplants and the battle against the slugs continues.

New deer fence is holding up so far.

Planted the herbs in pavers to guard against chicken scratch and the stupid moles pushed them out. Now I battle the mole. That is another post.

Yeah, I know, It has been like...2-3 months but...
a new update will come soon now that the deck is almost done and I can spend more time in the garden!

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