Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flaming Geyser

When the vehicle registration reminder came in the mail last week it came with a friendly advertisement for a state park annual pass. Well, we have been here a year and have our National Parks Pass worn in from our visits to Mt Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula. What an opportunity to start visiting our State parks as well.

When the pass arrived a short 2 days later, I went online and discovered we are literally surrounded by state parks!

Today, we decided to fore-go our plan to visit Mowich Lake and break in our State Park Pass with a visit to a local park with a cool name,  
(imagine a monster truck rally announcer when reading the name...) "Flaming Geyser"
Who can resist that kind of name?

After our visit and hike at Flaming Geyser, we briefly visited Kanaskat-Palmer and Nolte State Parks, as they are only all a few minutes drive from one-another. Pass - paid for itself in one day!

Here are my photos from a day of 3 state park visits.

Flaming Geyser

Interesting Park. Nice facilities. Playground is for the younger kiddos. A really nice designated area for model aircraft flying. Good trails. The interpretive info about the flaming geysers and the salmon is really nice and informative. Interpretive trails are easy walking. Woodland and river trails are moderate with mostly gravel but with steep climbs and really steep, primitive stairs. There is a somewhat separate section of the park that is hidden via a residential road. We parked and walked in to find the old farm. It is reserved for future park development.










This one is available in my shop.

my girl down an old country road

Nolte State Park

Very cute park. Small. Woodland, lakeside pavilions for events. Playground for elementary aged children. Two small field areas. Fishing and swimming areas (though I still don't understand why people swim in this freezing water here). A really nice, wide, graveled trail circles the lake. It is an easy trail that takes maybe an hour to walk.

.... Looky what we found.

I have been waiting to see some of these since I moved here. These are extremely delicate flowers. Yes, they are plants, not fungi. No chlorophyll! SOOOOO COOL!

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