Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Blog Posts for Moody Sisters Organic Skincare

I have had the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Moody Sisters Organic skincare.
They are a sister team out of the foothills of the Eastern Cascades in Washington (only 150 miles from me over the mountains). They own an Etsy shop that makes quality organic natural body products and have the cutest crazy eye cat logos. They are fellow members of 2 teams I actively participate in on Etsy. They are also a small micro, home business and "local".

At the writing of this post, I have tried 4 of their products and am happy with all of them. Reviews to be posted later since I like to give thorough reviews.

So, today I am linking you to the Moody Sisters Blog for my published posts.


 Moody Sisters Organic Skincare blog

  Flan Recipe & fails

 Natural dog treats

Review of Hydrating Sugar scrub

 All about Egg labeling

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