Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, fall is in full swing and the bears are getting ready for the Winter.
Neighbors have told of sighting about a year or two ago in a neighbor's garage.
I stay on the watch when out on the property and take steps to minimize encounters and attraction to my residence. Some things to minimize the attraction of bears is to keep garbage contained and indoors, clean and burn the foods off grills, etc..
Nothing like a HUGE pile of bear poo.

I went for a walk in our woods the other day and came across a big pile of bear "evidence" in the meadow. Nothing like coming across a humung-o pile of bear poo in your yard.

I researched more about bears and decided to take a closer look at the apple tree limb that "broke" the other day. Upon inspection, I discovered more bear evidence.  Apparently bears like to climb apple trees to get to the goodies.

The broken limb

Bear claw marks on 2nd apple tree

Bear claw marks on the broken limb

Bear claw marks on the high branch
Bear claw marks on the 2nd apple tree

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