Thursday, September 15, 2011

To the Beach! Saturday 10 September 2011

Last week-end we decided to take off to the coast. This time (if you remember reading previously about our failed attempt to circumvent the OP (Olympic Peninsula)) we planned it out. What could we do in one day? We decided on the beach since it was probably the last nice weekend before the rainy season (in the upper 80's and clear skies).

Kalaloch was perfect for a day-trip because it was "beachy" and there was a lodge, gas, and short trail.
It took 3 hours from our house to get there. We stopped at the ranger station for some advice before having lunch in our van. 


We took a walk on the beach and played on the logs (the old ones high on shore - not the ones in the surf). By the way, it is COLD on the beach! We wore shorts and t-shirts while the rangers come out in pants, long-sleves, and fleece jackets and hats. I guess we still have not learned that this is the PacNW and the weather is different in different places. Check the destination weather, even if it is only a few minutes away. Duh! We already know the it can be sunny at work and totally raining at home.

Enjoyed a Ranger talk about the whales and birds and whatever else caught our fancy. 

Took a walk on the Kalaloch Creek Nature Trail. The trail is about 45 minutes in a loop. Fairly easy gravel path with a minor 40 ft elevation change which seems to be mainly in a section where you go up and down a primitive stairway along the creek. The scenery is ethereal. Fallen trees create mini worlds of vegetation and shelter. Moss hangs from branches where sunlight peeks gently through to reveal glimpses of red huckleberries and fern. The trail is dodgy in some parts because the boardwalk was moist and slick or boards were loose and in need of repair. It can get tricky in a few parts as to witch direction so just stay on the boardwalk or gravel and you will do fine. Afterall it is just a loop.

Then it was time to head back. We stopped at the Ranch house BBQ place along the way.

Over-all, it was not worth the 6 hours drive. We have resigned to the conclusion that if we are going to do the OP, we will have to plan a weekend of it in order to truly enjoy it.

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