Thursday, October 6, 2011


And so the extra-curricular activities begin! 
Here it is already. 3rd grade. Growing up SO FAST! 

The influx of fundraisers and activities comes in daily with my kid from school.
Being a social butterfly, she wants to do everything and we have to tenderly (and sometimes not -so-tenderly) explain that it's not possible to do and buy everything that comes to our attention. There are many reasons for this. Budget is a big factor of course, but then there is the principal. The life lesson of moderation, decision making and prioritizing is also key.

Her 1st activity she chose a 1 day cheer camp.
Here she is. She may not be the most graceful, but she has "spirit".

Here is a short video... (there is no sound).


  1. OMGoodness! She's too cute- please tell me you have video. Love, A proud Aunt :)

  2. Just updated the page with a short video at end (the one in the brown pants).


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