Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What is it?
Simply, plastic bags made into a "yarn".

It is a fun way to re-purpose those plastic grocery sacs.
Disclaimer: I try to always bring my re-useable sacs to the store.
They are great. most are made of recycled plastic, and can be washed and dried.
If I have to use grocery bags I save them. They can be dropped off at almost any grocery store for recycling.
I like to re-use them as trash bags. They are great for in the car, small trashcans, around the house and yard.

My stock started to overflow the container in which they are kept.
I decided I would try the plarn thing.

I made a cute little egg basket.

Tips: I don't suggest knitting with it because it is difficult. I used a crochet hook.
1. Flatten out the bags and stack on top of each other neatly.

Here is how to make plarn.  ------->

2. Roll the stack on edge.


3. Find the lower part of the handles.


4. Cut off the handles.


5. And cut off about 1" off the bottom

6. cut off about 1 inch pieces from the roll ---->

7. Separate the round strip

8. Place the strips as shown     ------->

9. Take the end of the bottom strip as shown

10. Pull the inside bottom strip over the top as shown   --->

11. Pull it under and through as shown

12. be sure to pull gently and evenly  --->

13. pull the knot smooth and tight.

14 continue from the end with additional pieces  ---->

14 a. An easy way is to place on top and pull through from under

14 b.

14 c.

14 d.

14 e.

You can roll this stuff up in a ball and use it to crochet stuff that needs to have some stiffness.
 I made an egg basket.    

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  1. clever way to repurpose those plastic bags! Cute idea!


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