Friday, May 11, 2012


I have been on the "Blog Blahs" lately. It's not like there has been nothing to write about. Just not a whole post worth.

I can also blame it on the weather. Good weather! That means I am taking advantage of all the outside time I can. That will be an update in the gardening section soon.

Then there is my Etsy shop (link here ). Taking time to devote to product development, marketing and fulfilling orders.

There is also a deck to plan. That will also be a future post. Our deck was in unsafe condition when we bought the place and it is a matter of safety to get the thing done before a hummingbird decides to land for a rest and collapses the thing. Yeah, it's that bad!

Y'all know how I like pictures so, here is a picture of our neighbor's sad dog Oscar on our sad deck. Don't let the new looking stair railing fool you. The bank had the contractors do some patch work to the place B4 they listed it. Oh, you just wait for the detail b4 and after pics on the posting about the deck.

On top of it... I get ill again. Same illness twice in a 2 month time span. 'C'mon body! Are not you supposed to figure this virus thing out by now and fight it off easier? What is up with that!? But I found a great blog about getting rid of stuff here Hilarious and entirely helpful! After being bed-ridden, for almost 2 days in pain, fevered, chilled and plain miserable, hilarity helps. Rapid Weight loss = yoghurt, soda crackers, water, apple sauce and a G.I. Virus. Although, I am sure I will have no trouble recovering my losses ;-)

Good news came recently. I am gonna be an auntie again to another precious little girl due in October! I love being an auntie!

and a pic of a chick just for fun
For those of you who subscribe / follow my blog ... I have done some updates. Just float around the pages and look for update posts to check in on them. I remove the updates title when I finish. If I remember correctly, the Sick Chicken post was finalized (minus comments). I updated the Mystery Plant #1 post - will continue to be updated for growth of the plant. I try to make the format easy for you to navigate. If I can make it easier let me know.

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