Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Chickens 4 months old

The chicks are on to adult feed and approaching adult-hood.

4 months old and going well.

The pullets are trying to mingle with the old girls and the old girls are tolerating them more and more. The rooster still is in the out and barely tolerated. He has his work ahead of him.

When they are out foraging, the old girls go off and do their own thing for the most part.

Here are the old girls.

Still the powerhouse hen. I am really hoping she tolerates the rooster by next year. I would really love to have some of her offspring to carry on her traits.

Number 2. She is Red's right-hand "man". Roo will try to make a move on her every now and then and she will not have any of it and retaliates with a vengeance! She fights back with beak and talon and proceeds to chase him down for a bit just to be sure he knows she is not a chick to be messed with.

He is still a big sweetheart. Scares me sometimes 'cause I thinking he is coming after me but just is trying to run and catch up and see what I am up to. He follows me around a little too closely and has almost gotten stepped on. He dances tries to dance for the girls but, is still a bit clumsy and trips over his own toes sometimes. He is almost too good at scouting for danger. He screams for leaves falling and squirrels. Better over-cautious right?

Love his feathers - when he raises them it looks like he has spikes.

Lucky / Tulley
She is so tiny! And, sweet. She has guts and will try her hardest to hang out with the big girls and somewhat is accepted. She is the top of the pullet group. She is smart and shows cunning. She also is vocal and makes a kinda grunting noise while foraging.

Sunny / duck / Fluffy Butt
Bottom of the pecking order. Not the brightest. She has gotten to be kinda flighty but we are working on it.

Hawk (fka HiLite)
Really not afraid of me. She will jump up onto a lap (or a shoulder or back).
She is the first one to fly up into the branches.

Eagle (fka Trinity)
You know her by the sound she makes - she growls loudly. Her cute white beard has gotten darker.

Pullets in the tree.

60 second chickens movie

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  1. What a great looking flock! I always love to see fellow chicken lovers out there :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    Yellow Birch Hobby Farm


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