Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

It has been a while since I posted. What a crazy year!

The last day of the 2013 year. I am sitting here getting all bloggy trying to catch up on all the "draft" posts I have hanging out in my account.

Due to our switch to wood-stove heat, we came home at midnight to just above 40 in the house (it was warmer outside :-/ ). We just got back from a 6 day tip. The house is now warm and I have had my nap.

My "niece" Wookie!

We were blessed to be able to go visit my family this season.
My precious little nieces are changing so fast. My sis is also looking cute with her little bump of my nephew growing inside. I feel extra blessed to have been able to visit my Granny this season.

4 Generations

Harper had to keep her distance and I had to force myself to keep from snuggling on her as she caught a respiratory virus a few days before we arrived. I did not look forward to a repeat of my last return flight. But kept the last 2 days before we left for some close playtime and snuggles!

Brooklyn really loved playing with her big cousin and luckily, took a shine to her "Uckl Muk".

For Christmas, we adults decided it was time we keep it focused on the kiddos, although we do love to get each-other things. We all have a kid now and really want to be able to get our nieces stuff (and soon to be nephew) and see them excited.

They enjoyed opening their gifts and seeing what each-other got. Even after a few toddler-style discussions on sharing, the girls let each-other play with their toys.

Sabrina read the Christmas story from the Bible for us. Her cousins were soo cute sitting next to her and were such good and intent listeners.

We took the bigger girls to the kid arcade.

this pic is from my sis
Sabrina spent the morning with her Brooklyn and Aunt A & Uncle Daniel at the museum while I spent some time with my mommy and a short visit to the farmers market where we met up with Harper and Jon and Kristen. It was a beautiful morning.

Sabrina and Brooklyn playing food.

The Girls have a dance party while the boys go to a movie.

Fun Times!

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