Monday, April 21, 2014

Garden tour April 2014

I know, I have not posted in a long while. Not a bad thing this time. Just a busy time.

I have been working on expanding and re-branding the shop and finding more green ways to do business.

The only shower/bath we have is over 30 years old and is showing signs that if we don't replace it, we will be replacing more than just a bathtub. I have been busy trying to plan a bath remodel within a super tight budget.

I have also split a cord of wood with a half-cord left to go. This has been a great exercise that I have found I really enjoy doing.

I have also been taking advantage of the nice bits of weather and catching up on the gardening.
I had the truck loaded up with 2 cubic yards of mulch from the local supplier and worked for 2 days.
In this post we celebrate spring and take a look at the goods...

The corner garden is a purely decorative garden to welcome us as we come and go and a little eye candy for the passer-bys. I have some daffodils for the spring and gladiolas for the summer. It had tulips but the deer like those too :-(. I pruned the rhododendron and the transplanted Rhodi seems to be growing well despite my horrible job of transplanting. Now that it has a fresh thick load of mulch - they should do much better this year.

A huge ongoing project is the Half-Moon / Japanese style garden. My hubby has been a huge help in this garden. It has been a ton of tearing up and moving rock. The first owners had laid plastic and landscape fabric under rocks and it has been a HUGE headache to clean up. For the most part - all the trash has been removed and I helped the hubby (a little at least) get the rocks out and move them to the rock wall.
The next step for me is to prune the trees. Hubby still needs to get some of the soil out and remove or "grind" the stumps. Then it will receive a huge load of mulch while the garden evolves.

The rock wall garden has received some mulch to help it out and the daisy's are doing great with some fragrant annuals to fill in the gaps. Looks like the calla lilies will recover from the deer munching.

I built a fence to try and help keep out the deer and the chickens. Time will tell how well it will help.

The sedum look pretty cool tucked in the crevices.

I had enough mulch left for the blueberries. Hopefully I will get to taste some this year.

The hill needs to be "scalped" and mulched and I need to clean up the rock-wall there too.

I took a lot of those rocks from the Half-moon garden and "mulched" the south side foundation bed till the perennials fill it in.

In the meantime, I put a few annuals in there to brighten it up.

 In the food-garden...

The strawberry barrel seems to be working well. The plants are twice as big and are beginning to flower.

I have built 2 trellises for the peas - snap and shelling. So exciting to see the plants you want popping up, popping up.

Till next time.....
Happy gardening!

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