Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring break 2015

Travel has been on the back burner with so many other things that have our finances tied up in knots this year.
My folks were awesome (as usual) and were able to use their travel points to fly us down to Texas for a family visit!

Since we last visited, there have been 3 new additions to the clan!
Three little boys all born within a few months. A set of maternal twin cutie boys to my brother and a handsome little dude to my sister. Making the grand total of grandkids 6 for my folks. And... there is a little gal still cooking up for my sister who is due a few months from now!

We headed down south with a 12 hour day of travel.

The next morning started with a day trip to Brenham to visit my dear Granny and my cousins and their families. It was a super short visit! But, always good to see and be with them!

Then Sunday was Easter with my immediate family.

Monday, my hubby and bro spent some bro time together while my mom, my kid and I  babysat my sister's 2 kids.

Tuesday started with me not feeling 100%. The 3 of us took a morning trip to Mother Neff State Park. It's a cool little park. The 1st State Park in Texas and sporting phase 1 of an over 6 million dollar rehab / addition! It would be cool to overnight camp and walk the trails.  We walked the prairie trail loop. Hiked to the cave, the water hole and the water tower. Checked out the bird blind. Drove around the park. Checked out the new interpretive center. All in under 2 hours (even with me slower than usual).

Enjoyed some Clay Pot!

That afternoon, went to the Waco Mammoth Site (hopefully, soon to be a US National Monument). That place is pretty cool. I don't know why it wasn't listed on my Google "things to do nearby". It is a 45 minutes guided tour of the site. The only place you can visit an active dig site of the largest known mammoths in North America. With 3 different ages of remains. Our guide Jeremy, was very informative and entertaining. Pretty darn cool. Hoping to be able to go back again in a few years and learn more as they keep discovering and learning.

Wednesday, our last day. I started off with a sore throat and not feeling too well. I skipped out on the Mayborn Museum but, my hubby and daughter enjoyed it.

We got to nosh some real tex mex - yum!
That evening was family dinner at my brother's place. I was getting worse by the minute and kept my distance from the kids. I love it when we siblings can get together!

By the time bedtime rolled around I was feeling bad enough for a visit to the urgent clinic. Another strep infection just in time for departure. Boo. Thank goodness I kept from the babies!

Thursday was a 14 hour travel day!
Miss my family.
So good to be home and resting.

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