Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Vacation to Oregon Coast - July 2011

9 people, 3 houses, 1 week. Recipe for disaster - mabee.

First stop for me was my sister's house in Monmouth, Oregon. I got to see where they live and play. 
Thanks sis & Dan!
Checking out Salem, OR

Good Greek Nosh, Salem, OR
Lavender festival

Then my hubby and brother and his wife joined us at Arlie Farm B&B for a few days. We had to rent the whole house for our crew. Thanks to Nancy and Joe for taking such good care of us and making us feel welcome. Nancy's cooking was great! We had a great time eating, relaxing and touring local vineyards.

Watermelon, feta salad - addicting
Yes, those are homemade scones - YUM
Glorious food!

A walk on the farm.
Toad in the koi pond at the farm
View of Arlie Farm from front yard.

My daughter really loved Max

Max, the "talking" cat

A cheery way to start a day.

Who doesn't love baby horses frolicking in the fields?

We Visited WOU's Beautiful Campus.

Mt. Jefferson from Arlie Rd, Monmouth, OR

My sister-in-law & Arlie Vineyard's "PR Rep"
Johan Vineyard tasting

 Off to the coast!
Splendor by the Sea - view from living/bar/dining-kitchen downstairs.

We all spent the rest of the week at a FAB beach house in Lincoln City, OR.

Cascade Head to the north
My Hubby, Bro & wife, & My kid at high tide

My Bro & his Lovely Wife - Awe cute!
"Splendor by the Sea" is the big brown one in center.

Kite flying is a must on the Beach

My kid LOVES the Ocean!

low tide at beach house

My sis and her hubby try flying


Dogs on the Beach - Wish I had one

We took some time to go on excursions... 

My dad and bro looking out from "Tidal Raves", Depoe Bay, OR
Horseback adventure on Cannon Beach, OR

Moon Jellies @ the Oregon Coast Aquarium
"Angry Face" photo at  Sea Hag in Depoe Bay, OR
Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, OR

My Hubby went hiking at Cascade Head - those are his pics. Good shots hubby!


 Me and my Bro took our spouses for a tour and tasting at the Rougue brewery in Newport, OR
The "Line-up"


View of Yaquina Bay Bridge through Rogues' Store window

Need I say more?

 Farewell to the Beach House.

My hubby and I took my brother and his wife up 101 back to our house. They wanted to see the new place while they had a chance since they are from Texas and are already "in the area".

We made a few stops along the way...

Tillamook Air Museum, OR

A "Docent" at the Fort Clatsop Site

Demonstration of period weapon @ Fort Clatsop

"Pigging Out" at "Ranch House BBQ", Olympia, WA
Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!
 Just got to comment on Ranch House BBQ. 
This little BBQ joint is located just west/southwest of Olympia, WA. We I was hungry and HAD to stop before we got home (another 1.5 hour drive). So, I found this place on the GPS and decided to try it out. We need to see if there are any GOOD BBQ joints in WA since we have been pretty much disappointed thus-far in our experience.
Texans are tall critics about BBQ. This place was GREAT. The sauce was Texas style. Flavors balanced. Slaw was sweet vinegar style - not my taste but was good. Beans were right up there with the best in Texas style. Their award winning chili (not Texas style, with beans and such) - tasted JUST LIKE MY MOM's! (Hey mom, maybe you should enter your chili!). Now mind you, this isn't Texas so don't expect it to be in true Texas fashion. This was darn good BBQ done with local flair. I did miss the Mesquite smoke (still my preference) but these gals smoke it up right! Their Brisket... sorry Texas... was among the best I ever had (note for you gals... If you could lay some mesquite in there you could smack it out of the park ;-). 

 After a nite at home, we set south again to meet up with the rest of the crew & spend the night in Portland, OR before the Texans had to fly back.

We had so much fun traveling and playing games with the family.
Looking forward to next year's get-together!

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