Friday, September 7, 2012

Puyallup Fair 2012 in review

Okeydokey y'all!

Lets go to the FAIR!

Before I go on, lets put things into perspective here.
1 - this IS western Washington
2 - I AM from TEXAS
3 - 'nuff said

The Puyallup Fair

I went opening day at 9am opening.
Drove around Puyallup for 45 minutes before we could park.
Got a GREAT near gate spot in the GREEN lot. This is the lot I was hoping for because it is closest to all the stuff we wanted to see (the livestock). $10 for fair lots as opposed to more in private yards with extra walking involved.
You can get a stamp to exit and enter (nice if you leave a cooler in the truck for extra water and lunch - wich we did not do).

If you have ever been to the Texas State Fair (as most of my followers have) you know it's "AS BIG AS TEXAS". So, walking through this fair was like going through one pavilion for me. Texas can spoil a gal. We actually saw everything livestock by 1pm. And we took our time. Walked ALL the isles.
Talked to EVERY bird (you know who).

 Good thing about a tiny fair is you actually CAN see some competitions AND visit exhibits ...

 ... AND have time to sit and enjoy a $20 (yet super yummy) polish sausage kraut dog, a regular hotdog and one tiny bottle of water.

 There were enough things for a city folk to see but...

... those who are more accustomed to some serious fair, it was somewhat boring.


The poultry barn had mainly bantams. Very few large breed chicken. Very few ducks - mostly call.
That's it - in a small barn. The variety of breed represented was lacking and absolutely no large fowl, or the more "exotics".

Horses - lots in comparison to everything else. All 4H this opening day.

Cattle - all dairy today.

Cats - all 4H. Enjoyed seeing the kids' creativity with the cages.

Dogs - a few. Half the barn was empty and it was mainly booths about the breed. Mostly fun watching the babies and their excited squeaky faces when they got to pet one.

Goats - none - not fiber, not meat, not dairy

Sheep - nope

Beef cows - zero

Rabbits - like 6 or so

Swine - 2 on exhibit with babies for education.

Petting barn - sheep and goats for petting. A few other typical animals on display.

No cars

No trucks

Only 5 rv's from one vendor

No classics vehicles

No college football

No theatrical shows

No mass transit

No wine garden - Whats with that? Washington has lots of great wines! - Of course you can't go if you have a kid with you anyways :-( BOO state law that needs to be changed).

No garden a city block big.

No aquarium

No planetarium

The Midway was 1/2 the park (as opposed to only 1/4 and, was half the size of the BigTex one). Although I thinks fairs should be fairs and not ammusement parks.

and no....

... wait for it (insert Psycho violins here via embeded youtube video find)

... DEEP     FRIED      FAIR     FOOD       COMPETITION!

Nothin' says lovin' like a deep fried bacon cinnamon roll

To be fair and have a little perspective -
Now, maybe the other competition comes on other days. Just checked - yes they do. The fairground is TINY and may not be able to accommodate all the types of livestock competition. But for people who don't want to go everyday and still would like to see a bit of everything - you will be out of luck.


Would I go again? No, not unless we were competing.
Worth the entrance fee? No
Did I enjoy the 5 hours there with my daughter? Yes
Did my 4th grade, bird freak of daughter enjoy it? Yes She had a hard time not petting the kitties that rubbed up against the cage wanting a scratch. She also got home and went in and picked up her hens and loved on them and pet them and told them how pretty and talented they were.

Tip if you are to go:

Check the schedule for the day that would most interest you, carpool to save on parking, pack a cooler to save money on food and drink and stamp in and out.

If you are used to the Texas State Fair (FYI - THE biggest fair in the Nation) - just don't go unless you are there to watch someone compete.Or unless you are feeling fair deprived.

Miss ya BigTex!

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