Sunday, September 2, 2012

Retaining Wall & Path

Thursday I spent all day doing the stone path from the bottom of the stairs to the court. I used slates we brought with us in the move (glad we brought them) and a few other flat stones that we dug up around the place. Took all day digging and moving but I think it will do. Can't wait to add ground-hugging plants to fill in the voids. So many choices.

Friday, I spent the day building the retaining wall and removing the basketball goal. It was in there pretty good!

We got the wall from the local hardware store for $30! No, I am not missing a zero at the end, it really was Thirty dollars! Apparently someones special order was messed up and they were getting rid of them - lucky us!

 I need to pick up 5 more to complete the end & 12 caps. Oh yeah, and pretty flowers to put on top.

(and a 15 minute soak in an ice whirlpool, amino acids and a visit to Dr Ron following a soak in a hot tub)

Oh, about the basketball goal... Hubby is gonna try to remove it from the current fixture which looks to have about 25 years of weather on the bolts. We may try to refurbish it and reinstall or just get a cheap portable one.

Sunday, the neigbor across the street was having some work done and the nice guy who had the big machines moved the big chunk of concrete for us.
We also spent some time grading the hill next to the path and finished up the curve in the wall. 

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