Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Visit in Summer 2012


That is what it has been the past few weeks.

Crazy busy and crazy nice to have family come visit.

My Sister visited a few weeks ago and then a few days later my folks came up from Texas.

This is what we did.

Went for walks around the block. 
Around our block is a 45 minute excursion at a brisk pace.

But, you can enjoy the scenery and make a few friends along the way.

A word of caution... 

When you come to visit family on a farm or homestead you end up working.

Pitted the mother-load of cherries.

Pops busy poppin' pits.

Canned them.

The apples were starting to fall again and they are a bit tangy so...

Apple butter is the product. 

Had to can it too.

Mom busy slice'n-n-dice'n.

Did a ton of shopping.

Had dined every nite on the deck and had food cooked on the grill. 

Deer and bird watching from the deck (throw in one black-bear). 

My sister is moving back to Texas :-(      BOO!
I will so so so miss her being only 4 hours drive away but, they will be happier back inthe sun and heat, close to family (minus one).
We helped her pack up.

And I spent time soaking in my niece while I could.


She did this "scrunchy face" thing. She scrunched her face up like she was gonna bawl and  would try and try to force a cry but wouldn't. Right between grins.

I cant say that I didn't cry a little when I put her down for her nap before we left.

my fam in the willamette valley, oregon

We got back and took a ride on the Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad before the folks returned to Texas.

It was a nice day. A relaxing train ride.


They practically stopped the train along the river valley so that folks can take in the mountain view.

We did the BBQ ride with BBQ by Mineral Lake. The lake view wasn't spectacular. They needed to clear off some of the vegetation for a good lakeside view. I thought the BBQ meal was really good. 

mom at the lake

Miss you fambily!

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  1. Love this post! We are going to miss you guys soooooooo much! I"m glad you caught the scrunchy face!


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