Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2 dollar table

Well, not really $2.

We had to go and buy some glue - that was $2.

Anyway... now that the deck is finished, we have been enjoying dining Al-fresco. Our kitchen table has been re-located to the deck while we look for on sale patio furniture deals.

$150 bucks for a flimsy table and then another $150 for 2 chairs - not our idea of a good deal.

So, I was thinking about furniture and it HIT me! We can make a table out of the salvaged cedar floor boards. It will be rustic, and pretty.

We decided on a size to fit up to 6 adults and got to work. It only took 3 days. Most of the time was waiting for glue and finish to dry. The assembly and cutting was only a few hours really.

All the materials (except the glue) we already had on hand.
Salvaged flooring for the top, frame and support.
Left over 2x4 scraps from the deck and salvages 2x3 scraps from the wood shelter for the leg supports.
An extra landscape post for the legs.
Leftover wood-screws from the deck for assembling.
one canister of outdoor liquid nails for the glue ($2)

Photo timeline of the build:

Now onto the chairs?


  1. Hello
    I am visiting from Homestead Revival and I really just had to leave a post. This table is amazing. It is really inspiring actually. I would like to make a table like this one day.
    Take care Danielle,

    1. Thanks a bunch! I love Homestead Revival & browsing through the bloghop. The table is remakably sturdy. I just looked at how my kitchen table was made, browsed through some free plans online and used what I had. I made a matching bench with my pops (in a post today) and used leftover 2x4s and posts from the deck. Plan on making another soon so I can put all my kitchen chairs back in the kitchen :-). Good luck! Have Fun!


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