Saturday, April 27, 2013

Run Expansion

Growing families need more room.

I was planning on expanding by the end of the summer but, the recent expectant arrivals lit the fire to get it done in 2o days.

After Red's hawk attack, I was encouraged to make a predator proof run for the girls.

Building around the tree was going to be complicated. I decided on a mini section between the coop and run and a future larger section in the back.

This will accommodate up to 7 standard chickens.

I used all scrap wood from the deck and wood cover and the old nails recovered from the demolition.\
The only things I had to purchase was the hardware cloth and screws and washers for it, the roofing and components and the hardware to hang and secure the doors.

Here it is so far... Have a way to go.

Got 12 inches of base wood to bake a strong base and help keep the dust bath and scratching in the run.
Hardware cloth screwed on with washers for protection.
Clear corrugated roof for sun bathing and rain protection.
Doors for easy access to clean etc...

I still need to finish roof, some wire cutting and installing latches on the doors.
Then, I will add a predator proof foundation garden with hardware cloth and large rocks and paint when the weather is better.
Also, make movable roosts for vertical movement.

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