Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Phase 4 Tearing Down the Wall

Phase 4 is my favorite part.

Because it will finally open up the wall completely. But, mostly because we hired a contractor to do it. Working to the sound of someone else doing the work is music to my ears. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive part of the project.

Moving the hot water heater is NOT a DIY for us. It requires finding and re-routing plumbing and electrical and is not in our scope of amature expertise. When in doubt, hire out! :-)

So, this post is not only for our friends, family and followers but for us as well. Great idea to document work and know where things are for possible future reference.

We found this contractor through Angie's List (no info  in this post is sponsored FYI). I had a few contractors over and chose these guys over the competition.
This guy keeps us informed every step of the way. I love it! He even did a lot of the work with the guy he assigned to this project. Hands on, not just a delegate.

So, we find out the hot water heater was (as we suspected) hooked up wrong. :-/

Day 1

 They did the exploring,

set up the new pipes and connections and electrical.

Drained the tank, and got it all hooked up downstairs!

WOW! Had hot water back by evening showers.

It is amazing how hot the water is now that it is hooked up correctly.

Day 2

Taping and mud.

Piping the pressure valve.

Removing the box. 

 Have to wait for the mud to dry for texture and primer.

Day 3

Texture and primed.

The rest is up to us.

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