Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phase 5 tearing Down the Wall

Phase 5  Ceiling

vents down
Now that the wall is gone we decided against installing a vent fan to the hall vents and tore the remaining vents out.

The house is so small that there is no problem getting air circulated.

I went out of state to visit family for a week and hubby got to do demo without worrying about the kiddo getting in the way.

He got the hall cleaned out. It is gonna feel so much bigger in that hallway now.

Here it is all down and ready for drywall.

ready for drywall

So, when I got back from Texas, it took a while to recover from an illness I contracted while there.
The weekend I really could have been helping my hubby get this done, he had to do the majority of the work himself.

With the help of a pole jack and occasionally me, he got it done in a "heat wave" of 90 degrees. Yeah, that is unseasonably hot for west Cascade foothills (it might hit that in August sometimes). No AC here and the sun is quite brutal up at this latitude.

Now, he will need to cut holes and re-install the smoke detector, install the hall light to it's new location on the ceiling and cut out the hole for the skylight.

Onto finishing.

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