Thursday, July 4, 2013

Phase 5.1 Tearing Down The Wall

Messy time with phase 5.1

Knock down popcorn ceiling.

Still recovering from the illness, it took me a while to get this done, One part at a time.
Day one I did the "dining room". It is taking some extra time soaking the popcorn since it was painted.

Mark took down the lights for me so I could do the kitchen the next day.

Day 2 the kitchen just could not come off. It was an orange peel texture vs the popcorn.Since the paint is a matte finish I will just texture over it. I did remove the burnt texture from where the flush mount lights were.

Day 3 the Fourth of July!
work day :-(  Hubby and I hit the living area and entryway and knocked it out before dinner.

Finally getting more energy but still only half of my normal pace.
And really really sore.

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