Wednesday, July 24, 2013

12 weeks old happy chickies - A Farewell

I guess these guys would be called cockerels and pullets now. But, chickies is so much easier.

I have finalized my keepers and the rest have gone off to their new homes.

Lets start with the keepers.

These guys all get along well together. I have been separating them into groups to see how they interact with just each other and the big girls. The following get along well and are not timid of me. This is a very important factor as I do not want to chase chickens around to get them in the coop or tractor when I want.

"BB" (black beak) or "Mr. Crow"

He will be my test run for roos. I still don't really want a roo but, he is sweet and the feathers are beautiful!

I figure he can help me keep an eye out on the girls when I free range them.

If we find his crow too much or he becomes aggressive to the girls or humans he will have to go.

He has a cute little adolescent crow (for now). He practices almost every day.
It has not bothered us so far. I caught him the other day trying out a dance move. I don't think he quite knows yet why he got the urge to dance.

The girls are so cute when he crows. They all stop to look at him. One is super curious and gets up in his face and intently looks at his beak when he crows.

"Eagle" f.k.a. "Trinity"

This is the one with the beak malformed. She is good at the feeder and waterer but has trouble getting good bites of green on the range.

She is also a sweetie and has a pretty voice right now even though it is starting to get deeper.

She is curious and a "talker".

"Hawk" f.k.a "HiLite

I needed another hen in the bunch and she is sweet and gets along with the others I chose. She is starting to "bok bok" too. 

What a cutie! Look at those poofy cheeks!


The neighbor boy  fell in love at first sight with the other buff bird so this one stays with me.

She seems to have adopted me. She will hang out nearby and when she is scared or confused she will run to me. She had barred feathers on her wings but is starting to loose them as she gets her adult feathering in.

 She is also super sweet and will get under foot.


I wanted to keep one of the Young birds so, I let my daughter choose between this one and "Dusty". So far she is the underdog. She is tiny but a sweetie. She will let you pick her up and carry her around without a fuss. She tends to wander from the flock and that worries me a bit. Hopefully Mr. Crow will do his job and keep them together when they are out.

The ones that were adopted:

These 6 went to the neighbor I got the 4 1st hatches from. They will have tons of free range room to roam and other barnyard animals to keep them company. Bear, Ned and Dusty are back "home" to live with their biological "family".

The photo to the right is their temporary pen in their new home. Just look at all that fun chicken playground space they have back there to fly and roam and hide!

Look at them all relaxed in their pen - they love it already!

Bear - roo  - getting used to people and will come right up to you but still hates being picked up.

Ned - little firecracker - she is one bully of a hen - mean. Not keen on people but will get somewhat close with the group.

Dusty - sweet little hen, just doesn't like being picked up.

Ex - new roo suspect or aggressive hen - not too keen on people but will come fairly close

Brindle - wild little hen - flighty, nervous, absolutely wants to be the furthest from people as possible.

Rusty - This is the one the neighbor boy chose. She is a sweet little hen and loves to be near people. She is the first to get in her "big girl" voice. She will tug on your pant leg if she wants a treat.

Splotch - a little roo  - really people friendly, will let you pick him up, alert and full of character. What a fun little guy. So far, I think he would make a great family rooster pet. He went to a home with some nice pre-teen boys and their 16 hens and small group of ducks.

video of rooster play fight

UPDATE 7/28/13
Ex had been caught trying to crow. I suppose my daughter was right on suspecting her to be a he.

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