Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stupid Moles Must Die !

OK. I have tolerated the moles on our land thus far. They have 6 acres to play and about 4 of it is wild forest and they can have at it. After all, I love the wildlife and want to support it.

But, push comes to shove, and you have CROSSED THE LINE when it comes to completely pushing my plants out of the ground to make way for your grubby earthworm pie hole stuffing faces!

I did web research and watched videos on so many methods and decided to go with the Victor out of sight Mole trap/killer.
I wanted to try this because:
  1. I do not want to use poisons as the poisons themselves can be harmful to other things and could be absorbed by the plants and what if a cat or other creature (my chickens) decides to eat a poisoned mole. Not good.
  2. I did not want to use the castor oil because Castor oil, although natural is also is a poison.
  3. I chose the trap from reviews, seems easy to clean (ewe), and although is a kill trap (my last resort) there are too many moles  - control the population.
I also bought a spinner to try in the garden as a repellent. But, I also don't want a mini wind farm here.

Note: although you kill off the pest, you are leaving a "vacant sign" for new ones to come in and take it's place.
I do not normally advocate kill traps. I prefer to live and let live.
In this case they have gone from the forest and are starting to take over the garden and living areas near the house. After all, they have 4 acres of the property to live in peace. I suggest they use it. It seems as though they are getting over-populated here.

Here is my review on this product: (disclaimer - I am not being paid to do this review - its all on my own but, I do get a commission if you purchase the product through the links on the photos from google affiliate ads).

1 - it works
2 - its simple
3 - its extremely well built!

The set-up is tedious - you have to
1 - find the run
2- dig a careful clean hole
3-construct a bridge and channels just right
4-set the trap which is in itself like placing a landmine and you need super strength
5-you have to very carefully cover the thing

Yeah, I totally would recommend these and continue to use my own

instead of covering with the dirt and marking - I use a big clay pot with the bottom hole covered and place it over the hole. That way I know exactly where I buried the *@$^@( thing AND it blocks the light AND it make it easy to check (nothing like digging up a trap to have it SNAP on you - yikes!)

And... don't forget the take the *@&$(@*&%  safety off before you cover it!

Here is a good video of a set up

We have caught 3 moles this year.
We "recycle" the corpses by chucking them out (way out) into the forest for the crows, ravens, and other wildlife to enjoy.

Spinners - do absolutely NOTHING to deter moles!

 But, they sure are pretty :-)


  1. OMG! I just had to read this after reading your title. My husband is at about this point with our mole population also. He''s about to go all Bill Murray on them. I have shared this post with him and he likes the look of the trap. Thank you for posting and also linking up to my Blog Fest! Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily

  2. update: I have caught a mole in a non-run using this method - note it was a fresh tunnel in my garden. these traps are still in top condition after 6 months- I even store them outside. Just be very careful as they are POWERFUL! you will get better at using them and finding tunnels. I use my big garden shovel - if no tunnel i just put the sod/dirt back easy peasy.


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