Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Un-cluttering the files 2012 into 2013

In the effort to continue my "spring cleaning" I am going through my overcrowded photo files and decided to blog them. Mainly because I was going to do it anyways but it (like so many other things) was put on the back burner.

In addition to the holiday scramble, I have decided to make hoop row covers and build a potting bench for the garden. I am frustrated with the super long winters here and am looking forward to trying to beat nature and be able to grow peppers and tomatoes with success as well as make the most from the "mild" winters here. 

Can one OD on  Fresh PNW Bing Cherries?
Diego, the neighbors' Alpaca says "m".


view of Mt Rainier from my "office" window (only available in the winter).

Seattle space needle view

A cold, short visit to Mowich Lake, Mt Rainier

Christmas of 2012

I got a chance to play with my new camera. Before I had to sent it back to Nikon for repair and missed out on shooting the folks while they were here :-(

Around the block.

neighbor dog joins us on a walk
neighbor horse joins us on a walk

father and daughter on a walk

Around the house.

garden in early summer

We welcome my 2nd  Niece into the world!!!!

Birth of my beautiful neice #2

Sabrina makes us a cake for our 10th aniversary

Had some cold cold weather (at least for here).
Anything below freezing is pretty cold here.
Some days the clouds were low and the fog was frozen in the air - that is pretty cool.

Overall, It has been another crazy, fun year. Everyone is healthy (once again). We still love it here. The rainy season was a bit much this year for me because it started so early and was sooooo cold. But, there have been breaks recently and it is still cool but not unbearably anymore.

For 2013, I am hoping (and working super hard) to get Poultry Playground in the black this year. 
Getting an early start on the garden - hoping to fill the new deepfreezer to the top, and have to buy more canning supplies.
Looking forward to shaping the Japanese garden.
And, getting some remodeling done on the interior (that 30 year old furnace is killing us on electric bills).

first attempt at a portrait of my daughter
Till next time...

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