Friday, February 15, 2013

Cuisinart FP-12 12 cup Food Processor Review

So. My old Hamilton beach had a heart attack and died after 5 years of occasional processing.

I need a new one that can handle more but cant' afford a thousand dollar pro model.

And if you know me, you know that I don't' just go out and buy a replacement without hours of research.

I started out with a budget and what I wanted or did not want in my next processor.

Here is what I experienced in my old HB.
Good for occasional use. As I have a much larger garden and process my own foods a great deal more than I used to, I need an upgrade. Here is my evaluation of a good little home budget unit that is higher end than what you will find at the local Walmart.

Wants and not wants:
bigger bowl
deeper liquid capacity
much much bigger feed tube
better quality / motor

Budget #1 - under $100
Research - nothing under $100 had the features or good product reviews

Budget #2 - under $200
Research - much wider options here. It was a toss-up between a kitchen aid and this one. My reviews that follow will explain why I chose this unit.



I found this unit for the best deal on 3 sites. Color finishes vary in price greatly among all retail sources.
I went with the black as it was cheapest and I prefer it over white.
Amazon, Cuisinart and Bed Bath and Beyond all had it within pennies of each-other.
Now was to see if I could get the best shipping and coupon options.
Amazon had no coupons or deals and charges tax and free SH.
Cuisinart did not charge tax or shipping (for my state) but as I needed the unit within 5 days and there were severe storms on the eastern coast (Connecticut location) they informed that SH may not be quick or reliable.
BB&B had reliable, fast shipping and a coupon for 20% off any item at the time so, I used the savings from the coupon to pay for the faster shipping. It came on-time via Fed ex and in great condition.

Just in time for Hummus B' Laham nite!

In the Box

USES 1-3


Unit - this thing is HEAVY! With it's rubber feet it stays put! No need for suction cups as this thing does not know how to walk across the counter under any load. Although it does need a hand on while doing bread dough.

The Buttons are encased - no getting the junk out with a toothpick here. Big buttons and are easy to engage with minimal pressure.

easy to clean & solid blade tops
Cord storage area is nice but nothing special.

Dishwasher-ability is nice but, I prefer to hand-wash and I can be sure no gunk gets down in the crevices.

Blade lock is GREAT!

The blades themselves come nice and close to the bottom and edges and incorporate very well.
I LOVE that the blade top is solid. this allows you to be able to pour stuff right on top without worrying about it getting down the shaft.

gave yeast bread 2 chances - kept getting up the center of the blade and down into the base


It went through the hummus nicely - even pureed the sesame seeds to make a super smooth yummy hummus. The engine did not skip a beat or slow down. I was able to make a 3-can batch no problem.


The powerful motor gave it a beating for sure. It did slow and stop at a point in both batches.
It DID get dough up the middle shaft and down into the base. Both times and even after following the directions by Cuisinart both times.
The cleaning tool that came with my unit made it nice to be able to clean the base post but, I prefer not to have to do this again.
Summary - Leave the yeast dough's to your mixer or bread machine.

More reviews coming later as I use this unit more.


Pretty awesome. there are 15 sizes available between 1mm and 6mm.

Overall the slicing and shredding disks are great.
The beef:
- seems to leave more odd pieces than the old processor and
- can't use with the small bowl.


OK. Lemme say... how did we ever get along without locking blades and blades that cover the center hole psot.

WOW - making soup is actually FUN with this -
 - just pour the saute (or whatever) from the pan right into the bowl - no fuss with getting it along the edges - just pour it right on in!
 - then, let the machine quietly do its work
best part - pour it back into the cooking pot - no getting your fingers all up in the soup or blades plopping into the pan.

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