Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Infused Vinegars

I received these beautiful bottles from a friend as a gift and knew exactly what to use them for.

Storing Infused vinegar. 

Vinegar is used for TONS of household and farm work from laundry softener,dishwasher rinse aid, surface cleaner and more. Why not infuse the vinegar with a wonderful scent or flavor.

I suggest using fresh, rather than dried plant products. I have used dried lavender but it needed a month of soaking and did not release a strong enough fragrance for my preference. 

For Orange, I used peels from a bag of delicious blood oranges that I devoured over the course of 3 days.

I used large mason jars for soaking and transferred the vinegar to the bottles. 

Be sure not to let vinegar contact metal during soaking or storing as vinegar is acidic and can ruin the metal.

The rosemary is taking a few weeks longer than the orange which only took about a week.

Try infusing you own vinegar.

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