Monday, January 9, 2012


Mom and Dad
Christmas time with my family. (I have to give credit for some of the pics my mom took.)
Sabrina and a gift from her Uncle Jon and aunt Kristen.

My parents came up and we all went to spend Christmas with my sister and her husband in Oregon.

Bridge in Sumner, Wa

Then we came back and did some touristy stuff. 

Seattle Underground tour was fun. 
Seattle near "Skid Row"
Under Seattle's Sidewalks

Old bank under Seattle
Underground Seattle
On the Harbor Steps

Mom's photo at Etta's
 We ate at Etta's (Etta's was ok - not great) and bought a famous triple coconut cream pie (the pie was wow!)

In the Post Alley
Bought local sustainable Salmon at the Famous Pike Place Fish Market. The mongers there were great! 

My two-faced baked salmon - it is cooked that is it's beautiful color!
Then we made an awesome meal from the salmon (my salmon was way YUM! - much better than at Etta's. - sorry chef, but I can throw down a mean salmon ;-)

Me & Dad at Rendezvous
Baylor vs. Washington in the Alamo bowl at Rendezvous Wine and Brew in Enumclaw, Wa.
Rendezvous was Great! Great atmosphere. Excellent, friendly service. Good food at good prices. By far the best "local" eatery we have been to yet!

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