Monday, January 9, 2012

splitting wood

All these logs sitting around, needing to be split. So...

image from Lowes website
I went and got a TrueTemper Splitter at Lowes
I liked the angle of the splitter head and thought I would give it a try.
I tried it on ... 
freshly felled Alder and it split like a hot knife in butter.
Maple was less easy and also had more knots.
Cedar was not working at all as it was still fresh - i will try next year after it has cured a little. 
It only got stuck for the regular reasons (knot, bad aim etc...) and was easy enough to get out. The product is light weight wich is good for endurance but I wish it had an extra 5 lbs for the cedar. It is like a cross between an axe and a wedge. It came nice and sharp and after the alder below and about twice as much maple, it needs a go at the sharpening wheel.
I am by no means a professional at splitting. So, my review is just from my beginner experience. And from only a day. 
For the price and what we will be using it for, i think it is a right fit. 
We don't use wood for heat (only in power out situations) and for "perking up" an especially gloomy day (very rare). we mainly just try to make use of every resource we have to it's fullest. The trees are only felled if they pose a risk to our buildings or are close enough to the house and are declining. The ones out in the woods we keep for wildlife snags.

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