Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad's Day 2012

My hubby is a great DAD!

This is how great...

This Fathers Day my daughter made him a card. Pop-up recliners entitling him to do whatever he wanted today.
He wanted to work on the deck.
Therapy for men = use of power tools.

Then after lunch, killed a chicken while doing what he could to comfort his tearful wife.

Went back to working on deck (includes the use of power tools and choice words - I think this is also called "therapy" for men).

Ate one of my dinner fails.

Went for a walk in the woods with his family.

posing with devils' club
 If that doesn't tell you what a great father and husband this guy is I don't know what will.

When the deck is all done we will have to have a real Fathers celebration on it with smoked ribs and beer!

Happy Fathers' Day to my Hubby.
To my Father who was also a hard-working, strong, yet sensitive dad.
To my brother-in law on his first  Fathers Day!
To my brother on his first "soon to be" Fathers Day.
Love to all the men who deserve the title of "Dad"!

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