Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red. Yellow. And Blue- oo-oo-ooo. Ooo- oo- ooo-oo-ooo-Ooooo.

It has been 5 years since my daughter had those annoying toys that got songs stuck in your head.

It only took a few minutes to get one stuck in my head after babysitting my neice Brooklyn, this past weekend.

But, oh, what a song.
Ah.... it is really good to have it stuck there. Being an Auntie is so cool! I love being able to hold and love on and spoil and teach my niece . Getting to remember how great it is to watch a little life learn and grow. Sigh...

So bitter sweet.
I am so lucky to have Brooklyn and my Sis (only) 4 hours drive away. Not close enough for weekly visits but, a weekend trip every 2 months is nice! My family is pretty much settled here in the Pacific North West with no plans of moving for a while. But, my sisters' family is still young in their careers and the possibility for re-location is always there. So very sad if they ever have to move away.

I also have another nice on the way. No, folks not my sis. This time it's my kid brother. They are expecting an arrival of a girl in October. Catch - they are 2500 miles away :'-(.  Skype is nice but just not the same as a personal visit. Plane tickets are way more expensive than a weekend drive! Hopefully I will be able to visit at least once a year.
Wink wink hint hint.. (You can help me earn plane ticket $ by supporting this blog and purchasing products in my Etsy Shop ;-)!)

No worries for the future. Instead, let's remember with fondness the past...
I had a great time chatting with my dear sister and her hubby. Got a bit competitive playing a childrens' game. Had a great smoked pork by my brother-in-law - thanks Dan! Played and snuggled and cared for my neice.

I decided to video like crazy this weekend. This takes way more time in the editing room than photos but it is well worth it to hear and see Brooklyn growing up so fast.

Here are a few moments on "tape" of my precious, crazy red haired, blue eyed niece screeching and playing away at 5 months old. With sound so... watch the volume - it can get pretty loud.

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  1. We had a blast with you guys! Thanks again for watching her for us!


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