Thursday, January 17, 2013

Product Review of Hydrating Sugar Scrub by Moody Sisters

This post was originally a guest post for the Moody Sisters Skincare blog.

Product Review of Moody Sisters Hydrating Sugar Scrub

I have to disclaim this review as I received this product FREE! I won one of the Moody Sisters' giveaway contests via Facebook. I was SOOO excited 'cause winning free stuff is just a rarity for me especially in ratio to all the stuff I have "entered" over the years.
I was excited to try a product from a fellow "Etsian",  Washingtonian, and a fellow "working" mom. Supporting others like me is something I try to do especially if they have a great product or service.

It took me a while to review this product because honestly,  it is not a product I use everyday.

Here is a little about the scrub if you click this link you will be taken to the product page on Etsy.

I used this to soothe my worn out hands after gardening, working with construction, landscaping or working with the chickens. Night-time was the time used most. I did not apply according to directions  (sorry). I had to moisten my hands a bit as the scrub I had would just ball up on my really dry hands. I think my skin sucked up all the moisture out of the stuff ;-). If my skin was moistened with a bit of water, it would scrub up nicely and evenly. Then I rinsed with luke warm or cool water as to not "melt" any of the oils off my skin. Then I would air dry or lightly pat with a towel.
Sometimes it seemed the sugar granuals were too rough after a really tough day on the hands. If you have some sore or worn spots, I don't suggest using it.
The scrub smells good enough to eat - but don't eat it!
It does great exfoliating and leaves a wonderful moist, smoothe, non-greasy feeling on the skin. Like a nice drink of cool water on a warm day. Ahhh...
I tried it on my feet foot one night to do a comparison/contrast.
Oh the difference! The foot that got the scrub was so much smoother, and not all dry and crackly like the other foot. Poor other foot.

Oh yeah...
The scrub had separated a bit during shipment so I had to mix it up. No problem, just a bit confused when I opened my scrub and there was no scrub (it was all at the bottom).
The steel tin they used was a little rusted on the edges. I just gave them a good wiping down and it stayed rust free for quite sometime (till I put it on the edge of the tub - oops). Storing it away from excessive moisture seems to work great! Duh - it is steel after-all :-p.  I think they are also trying to get feedback from their customers and trying to find a better, safe and green alternative to the steel canisters.

Would I recommend?
It is a great exfoliating body scrub that leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.
And - you are supporting a micro business.
And - it is all organic and small batch made with love and care.
Here is the link again for the sugar scrub.

I can't wait to review more of their products.

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