Friday, May 24, 2013

Cree LED Light Bulb Review

As part of our wall remodel project, we installed a new, energy efficient, better-looking light fixture in our kitchen to replace the old, ugly monstrosity that seemed to have a magnetism for bruising scalps.

As a part of the fixture, we needed some dimable LED bulbs.

I decided to go with the new Cree brand as they boasted about the low wattage (9 watts) and great light. A bonus is that they are dimable.

I purchased 2 Cree LED 60 watt equivalent daylight bulbs to place in the fixture.

The packaging - easy to open without getting sliced up. Nice

Upon taking the bulb out I was taken back and a bit confused. As I grabbed the bulb, it felt sticky! I was wondering what the heck got into the package. But... it was coated with a rubbery, clear coating! I thought that was cool - it you drop it it won't shatter and it gives you a grip on the bulb. Time will tell how easy it makes them to clean after so many odd years of dust and grime accumulation.

When we turned on the light we hated it. TOO BRIGHT. Well... at least for the fixture which has a leather-like warm tint to the glass.

We transferred the bulbs to the kitchen lights ( a white marble frost glass) and LOVE THEM! They replaced a warm led and a CFL.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the brightness and color temperature in the kitchen lights.

Down side... I can see how dirty the kitchen REALLY is now :-(

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