Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tearing Down the Wall Phase 1

The 1st step in tearing down the wall is re-locating the dining area light switch.
This also involved replacing the dimmer switch and fixture.

Old switch was in the wall to be demo'd and needed to be moved to the exterior wall.
Old switch ( a toggle dimmer) was old and would not be efficient for the new LED fixture.
Old fixture was...too low and hubby and Papaw would always hit their head.
And, was just UGLY.

Here is a collage of the work.

I still need to put 2 more bulbs in the fixture.

Hubby did this with my minimal help in about 4 hours. Here are some tips.

 - If you don't know about how home wiring and electricity works - or you have any doubts about how to do this kind of project, DON'T. Hire a qualified electrician. And, follow minimum code or better. (If hubby did not know about how it works, the directions that came with hooking up the light would have stopped us in our tracks because the diagram was for power in at the switch only. We had power in at the light.)
 - Have an extra length of wire just in case the old wire is stapled to the posts and you can't pull it out of the wall. 
- Have a helper. It helps.
 - Take photos or draw a picture of how things are hooked up before you unhook them.
- Have the right tools and supplies ahead of time.

Next step...hiring pros to re-locate the hot water heater to the garage. 

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