Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Chickies 3 weeks old

Here we are at 3 weeks.

Everyone still happy and healthy.


They love foraging and picking fights with each-other.

They wander on their own and approach the big girls bravely (many times resulting in a peck by the big girls to say "hey, your mama may be the boss but, I am still bigger than you").

A few now see me as an alternative food provider. They will run to wherever I am around the run.

A few will fly up on my lap, arm, hand, shoulder. Once one comes up they all want a piece of the action.
At 3 weeks it is more difficult to get a photo shoot when there are baby chickens jumping up on you, flying up on your shoulder and deciding your lap is a nice, soft, warm place to take a nap :-/ So darn cute though.

The combs are starting to turn a little pink and grow a bit.
Most have their full wing feather in, shoulders and all.
The back feathers (around the popes nose) are coming in.
The feathers in the neck and "collar" are coming in.
They are starting to get a little scraggly with the baby fuzz coming out but...
they still have their cute fuzzy faces!
It is beginning to get harder for me to tell the 3 yellow chipmunk girls apart (hilite, ex and trinity).
Ned is now the smallest of the 12 - he/she doesn't seem to be growing as fast as the rest.

Photo shoot 3 weeks old...

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  1. Can't wait for mama to hatch her eggs - 1 week to go! Your babies are so cute.


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