Monday, June 6, 2011

I understand now.

It all started with my sister Adrienne. She started a blog after she and her hubby moved from the south to the PacNW about a year ago. I love her and her blog (31 Flavors). It was nice to be able to read her random thoughts and going-ons. She has the ability to write so that the reader can feel as if they are right there in the room with her. Then my brother decides to try his hand at blogging. His approach is also very much himself. Minimal, random and entertaining (at least to me). Love my bro too! His blog is his name JonGDavis. The thought crossed my mind. "If my bro can do it, surely I can too." I'm just not the "blogger" type. So, I erased the thought from my mind.

Well, here I am, trying my hand at it. I get it now. I have just moved to the PacNW with my Hubby and kiddo (about 4 hours drive from my sister and 4 hours flight from parents and brother). I have so much to tell them and my friends. E-mail... call... post on facebook... hmmm.... BLOG! I get it now. Sure, I still call, email and post but, this is like a mini newsletter with multimedia applications they can check anytime. I think this will work out just fine.

Welcome to the dark side.

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!


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