Friday, June 10, 2011

Signing Week

End of May 2011

Real estate laws are different in each state. Here in Washington, we sign one day (without the our agent by law), wait over 24 hours for everything to be approved and then our realtor can give us the keys. 

Here are the 1st photos of the home. Sabrina is playing in her "puffy field" aka the pump-house rock bed filled with dandelions.

Cherry tree (I think) in the drivewaygarden.

Mark leaves this night to go meet with the movers in Texas in the morning and has to stay a week for the whole process. I will be taking advantage of having the car to myself for a week and traveling back and forth between the apartment and house (45 minute drive) to clean, make minor repairs and measurements. 

Mark gets to supervise the packing of the Fort Worth townhouse.Poor Mark, they pack and load everything in one day and he is left alone in the empty townhouse with nothing but a blow-up mattress. He had to wait now for the car to be picked up.

  He went to the River Legacy Park in Arlington and decided to walk the whole trail from Arlington to Grand Prairie. 

He gets shots of a red-eared-slider turtle and an egret (I think).

Yes, that IS a bobcat and yes, that IS a squirrel head in it's mouth and yes, it IS that close. The bobcats here are used to pedestrians and cyclists. See the bobcat on the move. 

Mark also took the opportunity to visit relatives in Dallas, TX.

After the car was finally picked up, he got to go to Waco and spend a few days at Mom and Dads before his flight out. Thanks Mom & Dad!
Now, we wait.

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