Thursday, June 9, 2011

Relocation Road Trip : Washington Homeward Bound : Day 7

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The home-stretch. 
Eastern Washington State along I-90 was lined with rolling green farmland.

We stopped for a scenic overlook on the mighty Columbia River just before crossing over to the west side for a picnic lunch at the Ginkgo Fetrified Forest State Park.

 I thought the forest was cool. There were so many other species of petrified wood at this park. It is so pretty!
We watched 2 films and saw the specimens in the interpretive center.

There are huge wind-farms up in the eastern Washington windy hills.

Getting close when we catch a glimpse of the Cascades! Going through the rainy Cascades is beautiful with it's snowy caps, mountain lakes, rocky cliffs and charming waterfalls.

We finally made it! 
We are being provided with a furnished apartment near the Puget sound while we wait for our our things to be transported. We will see how that goes. We sign on the house Monday morning.

We ate dinner at a Red Robin near our apartment. Great burgers and fries at a good price with great service. I have been to this chain a few times at all different locations and it has been consistently good all around.

 Day 7 mileage about 300
Expenses $85  (50 gas, 35 dinner)

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