Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relocation Road Trip : Wyoming to Montana : Day Five

Thursday, 19 May 2011

View from our Hampton Inn room
Welcome to Montana
After a relaxing sleep we had our breakfast and hit the road for Montana.

 I-90, from Buffalo up to Billings is framed with rolling green hills this time of year. The foggy day softened the landscape.
Truck-stop Bunny
 We had lunch in the car at a truck-stop along the way.
Before we reached Butte, we stopped at Lewis and Clark Caverns, Whitehall, Montana.
The hike up to the mouth of the caverns is strenuous but has benched stops along the way for rests. They are accessible only by guided tour.

sleepy little mama bat
These caverns are unique in that you walk up close and through the formations having to duck your head and literally slide through on your bottom.  It is also home to a pregnant bat colony.

doors keep 60 mph wind out of the caves
Exit tunnel

I took some close-ups of flowers along the trail back to the interpretive center.

We checked in to the Hampton Inn, Butte, Montana and went to eat at the McKenzie River Pizza Co. The hotel had a promotion in the website for a free pizza, appetizer and 2 sodas. We used the gift certificate towards our meal. The food was pretty good. I would definitely go there again. It is a franchise in the Montana, Idaho, Washington area.  
Butte was not impressive by any means! The roads were terrible, the town was a mess. Definitely not a travel destination. The staff at the businesses we accessed were friendly and accommodating. The hotel staff made us feel welcome and taken care of. This hotel stay was our most enjoyable because of the hotel staff. If you have to stay in Butte, I would recommend this Hampton. The view from our room framed a beautiful sunset.
Mark noshing pesto bread-sticks at McKenzie River Pizza Co.

Day 5 mileage about 400 miles
Expenses $295   (90 gas, 35 dinner,  145 hotel,  parks 25)

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