Thursday, June 9, 2011

Relocation Road Trip : Montana to Washington : Day Six

Friday, 20 May 2011

Finally get to Washington today. We head off westbound on I-90 along a portion of the Lewis and Clark trail

Our picnic lunch is taken at Travelers' Rest State Park, Lolo, MT. This newborn State Park is a short southern detour from Missoula. This place has the only physical evidence found of the Corpse of Discovery's campsite to date. Also, where they made the difficult decision to split camp.

The park is fairly bare due to it's recent discovery less than a decade ago. It has an interpretive center and gift shop, some interpretive kiosks, a picnic area and a nice bridge over the "no salmon river".

Thanks to the private landowners and their respect and realization of the importance of preserving our nation's history and artifacts, we are able to see a key point in our nations' history come to life and be preserved for future generations. 


This park is worth the trip. How often do we get to see history newly discovered and historic monuments and parks in their first years, before they "grow up"? It was pretty cool that it was so minimally developed. Walking along the trail and looking out on the campsite, you could transport your mind back and imagine that this is what the Corps saw on their mission.

Heading back west on I-90 to Spokane, over the continental divide.

Yesterday, Just before we got into Butte, we saw this old bus. One of those old old school-busses that has been re-purposed and packed over the rim and out the sides with luggage and folks and colorful paint-jobs. Well, the thing was just barely movin' up the hills. I think the thing would have done better if they all got out and pushed it up the hill. We moved on past and wondered if they would make it to Butte.
Well, just as we were approaching the continental divide today... OMG! There it was, that same old bus!

We can't believe it actually made it to the Divide. As we passed, we realized that that is as far as it made it. The thing had finally given up with the hood up, smokin' and a guy's rear-end sticking out the engine. Managed to get this dirty back window shot.

Welcome to Washington!!!

We pulled in to the Hampton on the west side of Spokane near the airport.  Apparently, somewhere in the Lolo National Forest, he re-ran over a critter in the middle of the highway and the critter was a bit bigger than he estimated. When we pulled into the hotel to check-in we finally smelled the half-roasted carcass. Mark got down to check it out and said there were chunks. Ewwww. He went to the carwash and got the stank off. 

After we got settled in and cleaned up, we met with an old school friend of mine and her daughter for dinner at The Rusty Moose. The restaurant was less than par because of the service. The food was average. We had a guest with a wheat allergy and you would think that you had asked the waiter to climb Mt Rainier. He was so clueless, didn't know much about the menu and was not observant about the orders when they came out and was slow to get out drinks, check on the table, and remedy issues. Due to the service and average food, I would not recommend the place. On the other hand, my visit with my friend was too short! It was good to see her and catch up face-to-face after all those years!

My sleepy little girl!
 Day 6 mileage about 345 miles
Expenses $293  (82 gas, 5 car-wash, 63 dinner, 138 hotel, 5 parks)

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